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2017 Assessment Rates

USBR Commissioner's Water Conservation Award

Automated Water Ordering System - instructions & information

Rules Change - March 2000

Assessment Rates

The 2017 assessment rates: Block 1, 2 and 3 = $171.90, Block 4, 5, 6 and 7 =$176.00 

USBR Commissioner's Water Conservation Award


Award being presented to Roza board member Jim Willard by Bill McDonald, Regional Director of the Pacific Northwest Region of the USBR at the NIO Conference in Boise, ID on February 20, 2002.




This award is given to those who have demonstrated significant accomplishment in improving water use efficiency. 

On February 20, 2002 this award was presented to the Roza Irrigation District for our "implementation of many innovative water conservation technologies which has led to an outstanding water conservation program.  These accomplishments include installation of automated overshot gates for flow control to improve water delivery and accounting, completion of an enclosed conduit system for delivery system improvements, and utilization of an adjustable magnetic coupler device to provide cost and energy efficiency tools for managing your irrigation water.  Your long-standing water use efficiency efforts are an example to all water user organizations." 


Automated Water Ordering System


For instructions on how to order water on our new automated water ordering systems please click here.



March Rules Change

Beginning with the upcoming 2000 irrigation season no water will be delivered, even in March, until assessments have been paid and any necessary certification forms filed with the District. This action was necessary in order to avoid all the confusion and animosity that is created every spring when we must shut off deliveries that are not cleared for water on April 1st. The purpose of March water is to get the system up and running so we are prepared to meet your needs at the beginning of the irrigation season, which is April 1st. We do, however, make every possible effort to make deliveries from that spring supply to anyone who requests it. We cannot, however, make deliveries throughout the entire project on demand as many people have come to expect. Your patience and understanding may be required in many circumstances. As in prior years, your account will not be charged for March usage. The new regulation is printed below:

"The Roza Irrigation District operates on a payment in advance system of collection and no water shall be delivered on any parcel until the assessment has been paid. Priming water may be available prior to April 1, but will not be delivered unless assessments are paid and any necessary certification forms have been filed. Water delivered prior to April 1st will not be charged to the operators total usage."


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