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Main Canal

63.92  mi. of earthen canal

5.0   mi. of shotrock riprap - one side only

24.18  mi. of concrete lined canal

743   ac. of water surface

2.0    mi. of concrete lined canal-one side only

2052  ac. of right-of-way

4.54  mi. of tunnels

9.72   mi. of concrete wasteway

1.80  mi. of inverted siphons

14.76 mi. of unlined wasteway

187.0  mi. of main canal roads

108.5 mi. of earthen laterals 272 mi. of pipe laterals
2321 deliveries 66.6 ac. of water surface

1081 ac. of right-of-way

234 mi. of lateral roads
31.6  mi. of open drain 12.0  mi. of pipe drain
1.6  mi. of drain lined with shotrock 30.0  mi. of road along drains


There are 18 pumping plants containing 57 electric pumps along with 10.76 miles of discharge pipe serving approximately 27,000 acres. The maximum lift is 253 feet. The Roza Power Plant is a reserved works feature owned and operated by the Bureau of Reclamation. The district buys power at the pumping plants.



Water surface elevation at headworks 1220.6 ft. ams

Water surface elevation at mile 94.6 - 1041.9 ft. ams

Approximate elevation of Yakima River at Wasteway 7 490 ft. ams

Widest section of main canal 101 ft.

Maximum capacity of main canal 1300 cfs

Summer operating waste approximately 2%

Evaporation rate per year from canal and laterals 3150 acre-feet

Wasteway 6 Reregulating reservoir 155 acre-feet

Wasteway 7 Reregulating reservoir 10 acre-feet