Roza Irrigation District 

Automated Water Ordering System

Water Ordering System – This system is available through an automated voice response, with the use of a touch-tone phone, which incorporates water ordering and emergency reporting.

Your phone number will reference all water orders. An extensive effort has been made to obtain the correct phone number, however, if you think we have an incorrect number or you wish to use an alternate number, just call us and we will make the change.

Water orders for the next delivery day must be placed by 11:30 p.m. on the preceding day. (Except during years of proration where more time may be required.) Please note orders placed between midnight and 7:30 a.m. will not be processed until the following morning.

The water order numbers are as follows. Choose the number within your toll-free calling area.

    877-2122     854-1540     837-2223     837-8611     837-3115

                           882-4343     588-5521     837-5040

If you need to contact the water masters you may do so by calling the following numbers between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. These offices will not accept water orders, they will only be accepted through the automated system.

    Upper End - 877-3880         Middle Division - 836-2248         Lower End - 973-2441

Below we have provided a brief recap of what you will hear when you call the above numbers.

"Welcome to Roza Irrigation District and Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District; for account information press 1; for a water request press 2; to report an emergency press 3."

When you have pressed "2" you will hear:

"Please enter your 7 digit phone number."

If your number is not on file or is incorrect, you will hear:

"The number you entered cannot be located in our records, to re-enter press 1; to speak with an operator press 0."

Note: Use the "0" option at this point to leave a message and phone number or to reach a receptionist during business hours.

If your number is correct, you will hear:

"To turn water on press 1; to change water delivery press 2; to turn water off press 3."

For single delivery landowners, you will hear:

"For max delivery press 1; to change the quantity press 2 (if this is pressed the response will be, ‘Press 1 to order by points; press 2 to order by cfs; press 3 to order by gpm. Please enter the quantity followed by the pound key (#).’)"

For landowners with multiple deliveries, if you have chosen "Water On" you will hear:

"For max delivery on all lateral/deliveries press 1; to choose quantity for specific lateral/deliveries press 2; at this point you may press ‘*’ to hear your delivery list and the delivery code assigned to it and you may select that code number; (the remainder of selection 2 would be the same as for single delivery landowners above)."

If you have chosen "Water Off" you will hear:

"To turn off on all lateral/deliveries press 1; to select specific lateral/deliveries press 2; for a list of your lateral/deliveries press the star key (*). If you know your 1-digit lateral/delivery code enter the number."

When you have made your desired selections, you will hear:

"Please enter the delivery date for your water request. If you want the next regular date press ‘1’; if you want a specific date press ‘2’ (you will then be asked to enter the date in MM/DD format) and press the pound key (#); your request for (lateral/delivery) will be processed. To confirm press 1; to cancel and start over press 2, request accepted. To enter another lateral/delivery for the same type of water service (i.e. on or off) press 1; for a different water service request press 2; to return to the main menu press 9; if you are finished, please hang up."


This gives you an introduction of what to expect. The automated voice response will process the orders and transfer them to the appropriate watermaster offices early each morning.

If you have any questions or difficulties when ordering, please call the office at 509-837-5141 during business hours.


All assessments must be paid before any water will be delivered. Also, if you own and/or lease more than 240 acres the appropriate RRA forms must be completed before any water will be delivered.